"All Things Bubbles"

A three-part series on sparkling wines and champagnes


The three-part series included “A Scintillating Success - the sparkling wine regions of Southern England”, followed by “Cava, Traditional, Tank Method – All Sparkling but What’s the Difference” in April and closing out the series in June with “Champagne – The Heartland” and provided a ‘behind the scenes’ view of the art, science and business of sparkling winemaking; the history, heritage, and stories of the winemakers in the vineyards of Southern England; and the fascinating history, region and grape varieties of such iconic champagnes as Dom Perignon, Veuve Clicquet and Ruinart.

               Joining Chris Parker, Founder of New Horizon Wines, in these lively discussions on sparkling wines were Mardi and Simon Roberts from Ridgeview Winery and Paul Mead from Roebuck Estates, both in Sussex, England.  Joining him for the last presentation on Champagne was Tara O’Leary, Atlantic Region Brand Manager for Prestige Brands. Tara closed out the program with the wise comment, “You don’t need a celebration to enjoy champagne, opening champagne is a celebration”.

To view the videos for the series CLICK HERE and find the title of each program.