BABA Committees

BABA's committees are responsible for organizing the Association's activities and report to the Board of Directors. A description of each committee follows.

Defense, Aerospace, Transportation & Security (DATS) Committee

The Defense, Aerospace, Transportation & Security (DATS) Committee of BABA is responsible for promoting the understanding and discussion of key political, economic, and industrial issues impacting its four business sectors. US and UK bipartisan government and corporate leaders in the defense, aerospace, transportation, and security communities are invited to address specific topics that are of interest to the committee, the BABA membership, and the broader community. From time to time the committee generates issue papers on defense, aerospace, transportation, and security topics. 

Energy & Environment Committee

The Energy & Environment Committee aims to leverage the strong position of the UK on environmental issues for the benefit of member businesses, provide a venue for interested companies and organizations to understand each other's approaches to environment and energy issues, and provide a forum for members to hear from and exchange frank views with significant speakers about policies, potential transatlantic cooperation, and opportunities for member companies. 

Financial Services Committee

The Financial Services Committee provides a forum to identify, discuss, and understand key financial issues affecting UK and US interests. The committee's goal is to complement BABA's existing programs and mission by helping our members identify and assess opportunities and risks that are shaping the financial universe.

Health & Life Sciences Committee

This Committee was created to address the issues associated with the 16% of US GDP devoted to health care, and assess the impact of the newly enacted health care reform law on businesses in individuals. The Committee hopes to provide information related to the expansion of insurance, the creation of new markets and government approaches to delivery of services and products, and the potential impact on innovation. In addition to health care issues, the committee's focus also includes the growing and dynamic field of bioscience technolgy.

Marketing & Business Development Committee

The Marketing & Business Development Committee is charged with overseeing outreach to current and prospective members via the following activities:

  • Design of a new website, followed by ongoing content development
  • Production/circulation of digital and print materials
  • Lead social media and marketing efforts via presence on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In
  • Raise awareness for BABA member companies on our website and via social media streams
  • Interface with committee chairs to ensure that programming is well advertised and upcoming meeting details are circulated in advance

Small Business Group

The purpose of the Small Bsiness Group (SBG) is to bring more value to our small business members. This new committee also intends to bring compatible small businesses together to help each other with contacts, business opportunities, supply chains, and clients - across all sectors.  In addition, the SGB aims to bring small businesses and big businesses together, for government and commercial teaming.  BABA and its partners have the leading contractors in the world amongst members, SBG intends to leverage those to help them find the small business partners they need - and our small business members find the support and market routes they desire.

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee is charged with recommending a path for BABA's future growth and identifying resources that BABA can tap so that the organization can continue to prosper. This committee includes the chairs and co-chairs of all other BABA committees.

Trade & Policy Committee

The BABA Trade and Policy Committee provides a forum for identifying, discussing, and promoting policy issues of importance to our members and to the US and UK more broadly. We work closely with the British Embassy in Washington, US government partners, our member companies and other associations to deliver high quality programs that address timely and important issues around the bilateral relationship. As the UK seeks to redefine its external commercial arrangements in the wake of the referendum to leave the EU, BABA and the Trade and Policy Committee will strive to play a critical role in discussions around the future of the UK-US economic partnership, trade with Europe, and policy issues critical to businesses on both sides of the Atlantic.

Young Professionals' Group

The launch of the Young Professionals' Group took place on October 14, 2010 at a sold-out event at the British Embassy.

BABA believes that it is important to have a diverse membership that involves professionals at every stage of their careers. In particular, BABA has a keen interest to promote and involve young professionals in the organization. To encourage younger members, BABA organizes special networking events on their behalf and also runs a mentor matching service that pairs BABA young professionals based on their interests with senior BABA professionals with complementary career experiences. The mentors will keep in contact with the young professionals for up to a full year and meet at least twice in person for a face-to-face career building discussion.



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