Trade & Policy Committee

John Dickerman, The CBI - Co-Chair

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Jennifer Taylor Hodges, Mozilla - Co-Chair
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BABA Trade & Policy Committee

About BABA’s Trade and Policy Committee

The BABA Trade and Policy Committee provides a forum for identifying, discussing, and promoting policy issues of importance to our members and to the US and UK more broadly. We work closely with the British Embassy in Washington, US government partners, our member companies and other associations to deliver high quality programs that address timely and important issues around the bilateral relationship. As the UK seeks to redefine its trading arrangements in leaving the EU, BABA and the Trade and Policy Committee will strive to play a critical role in discussions around the future of the UK-US economic partnership, trade with Europe, and policy issues critical to businesses on both sides of the Atlantic.

Committee Efforts

For many years now, British Ambassadors have hosted Embassy-BABA Policy Breakfast meetings to facilitate an open dialogue on current issues of concern and share policy insight.

Policy Breakfast photocropped

From left to right:
Frank Ruggerio, BAE Systems; John Dickerman, CBI; Jennifer Taylor-Hodges, BT; Michele Lynch, Google; Michael Masse, HSBC; Anne Collett, British Embassy; Linda Menghetti Dempsey, NAM; Eamonn Cooney,President, BABA; Sir Kim Darroch, British Ambassador; Julie Sutton, Cobham; Beth Mersch, Northrop Grumman; Richard Turner, British Embassy; Charles Borden, Allen & Overy; Rich Buckley, Astra Zeneca; Mark Herlach, Eversheds Sutherland; Kimberley Claman, Citi Group; Mark Kent, British Embassy; Steve McCarthy, British Embassy; Nancy Ziuzin Schlegel, Lockheed Martin

Since the Committee was launched in spring 2014, we have held a number of events on trade and other policy issues. Examples of committee programs include:

  • Trade Talks and the Future of the US-UK Relationship
  • Update on CFIUS
  • Chaos in Westminster? UK Politics Update and Roundtable Discussion
  • "Strengthening the Transatlantic Economy: Perspectives from the UK and US" 
  • EU-US Trade Discussion with UK All-Party Parliamentary Group 
  • Post-Brexit UK Politics Breakfast Discussion
  • Policy conversations with British officials in the US
  • Digital trade in the UK-US FTA

The current members of the Trade & Policy Committee are as follows:

Barclays Michael McLean
Barclays Brendan Reilly
BMW Astrid Schulte
British Embasy Anne Collett
BT Jennifer Taylor Hodges
The CBI John Dickerman
The CBI John Bleed
Eversheds Sutherland Mark Herlach
Holland & Knight Charles Borden
HSBC Monique Frazier
National Grid Emily Duncan
Smith & Nephew Rachel Alexander

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