US and UK to start trade talks next month to ensure deal soon after Brexit

20 June 2017

Trade talks with the US will kick off next month as British officials start to scope out plans for a deal, with the aim of setting up a free trade agreement as soon as possible after Brexit.

Liam Fox, the secretary for international trade, is in Washington to meet US commerce secretary Wilbur Ross and US trade representative Robert Lighthizer, discussing trade and investment between the two countries.

“We’re not allowed to conclude any negotiations as long as we’re part of the EU, but of course we are allowed to scope out the future relationship that we will require as we do leave,” Mr Fox told an audience at the Select USA Investment Summit.

“We have trade working groups already set up to do the preliminary scoping out of that work, and the first meeting will be in July this year.”

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British-American Business Council (BABC) Statement on the 2017 UK Election Result

The next UK Government is charged to deliver one of the greatest political and legislative challenges of our time: Defining a new relationship between the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union (EU).

Our network represents 22 chapters in major cities throughout the US, UK and Canada, including major British and leading American firms, the latter accounting for the largest source of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the UK. The majority of transatlantic businesses wished to see the UK remain a part of the EU – the world’s largest trading block. Transatlantic business therefore has a huge stake in the outcome of Brexit negotiations. In the light of the British people’s decision we are committed to help building a fair, competitive and global Britain, in partnership with the EU and other countries in the world. 

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100 Days of President Trump by Dentons Public Policy Team

Insights into the new Administration

BABA Member, Dentons' Public Policy team has been following every twist and turn of President Donald J. Trump's first 100 days in office so we could mark this milestone by bringing you an overview of his successes and failures; the campaign promises he's kept, broken and that remain works in progress.
The president has made prodigious use of the executive pen. We tally up and assess his executive orders and memorandums and look at how the Congressional Review Act has been used to roll back Obama Administration rules. We inventory the key executive positions that have and have not been filled, take stock of health care and immigration reform efforts, the emergence of infrastructure as a major agenda item, BAT vs. VAT, presidential brinkmanship on the trade front and bold foreign policy moves.

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UK-US Trade Investment Highlights from the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

UK-US Trade & Investment Highlights is a report demonstrating the depth of the current commercial relationship between the UK and the US in each of the 50 States. For report click here.

British Prime Minister Calls for Elections in June Amid Brexit Fallout

LONDON — British Prime Minister Theresa May stunned her nation and its European partners Tuesday with a call for an early national election on June 8, seeking to cement her political backing as Britain moves ahead with difficult negotiations on its break from the European Union.

The surprise announcement — made outside her office at 10 Downing Street — comes amid internal political strains over Britain’s exit, known as Brexit, and fresh moves by Scotland to potentially carve its own independent path to remain in the European Union.

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